Welcome Back to Experimental Beach

A seaside escape tucked away in the Las Salinas salt reserve. Sunbeds dotted across the sand. The gentle hum of waves across the tranquil azure of the calm Balearic Sea. A long lunch savoured under the warm glow of the summer sun. A round of cocktails with friends. The sudden staccato pop of a Champagne cork. The setting sun slinking slowly back into the horizon. Dulcet jazz tones floating across the dinner tables as the moon reappears. A departure from everyday life.

Experimental Beach is closed and taking a winter break, but we will be delighted to welcome you back next spring.


treasure chest

Our very own hidden gem bursting with treasures. From swimwear and sunglasses, to flowing dresses and jewellery for adorn sun-kissed skin, there is something for everyone. A gift to yourself you didn’t know you needed. A souvenir to remember summer.

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a sunset is

a sunset

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weddings & Events

For everyone who ever dreamed about gathering their closest friends and family to celebrate a milestone, be it a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary, Experimental Beach is the perfect backdrop for your next unforgettable event. Our youthful nostalgia intertwined with the innocence of summer love make for memories that last a lifetime.

For any event of 30 guests and more :

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